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From bean to bar: A cocoa farmer’s journey

As we walk past aisles filled with chocolate-y Easter treats it is hard to imagine that there are people who have never experienced chocolate. And what might astound you even more is that many of the producers of cocoa, the core ingredient in chocolate, may not know how it goes from bean to bar. So we sent Adrien Kouadio from his home in Cote d’Ivoire to England to find out. Continue reading

Celebrating the farmers who bring the festive bounty
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Celebrating the farmers who bring the festive bounty

As the festive season wraps up, many of us have indulged in feasts, enjoying what summer has to offer in fresh food fare. Not everything we eat and drink is homegrown however. So, off the back of our caffeine-infused holiday happiness, let’s take a moment to honour those who grow food and steward the land in faraway places such as Africa, Asia and Central America. Continue reading