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Get involved in the future of Australian forests.

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The forests in our backyard are our legacy for the future. How Australian forests are managed is an issue of concern with many people around the country. The management of these important natural resources has a long history, and responsible management would ideally enhance growth, conservation and community values.

One of the groups working towards this outcome is the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation which certifies whole supply chains from forest to consumer.

The Forest Stewardship Council has a vision that the world’s forests meet the social, environmental and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. But to achieve this feedback and engagement with communities concerned about or interested in forests is essential.

Currently underway is a series of public stakeholder forums, held in 5 regional areas and 5 state capitals across Australia. These forums allow members of communities interested in the impacts of forestry to have their say and influence new international standards of forest management. These events are also the first step down the path of creating an FSC forestry standard for Australia.

Having an FSC standard tailored to the Australian landscape will reinforce and grow the credibility of Australian FSC certified products in international markets. An improved standard will also allow growth in domestic business opportunities and reduce reliance on overseas imports, while also maintaining our unique biodiversity and supporting forestry communities.

This is the first important step in a long term process, so if you have anything to say regarding forest management get involved and use your voice at the events across Australia. To find out when events will be held near you visit:

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