Brazil/World Cup

Presenting World Cup Giant, Brazil


The World Cup kicks off today with tournament host and giant Brazil taking on Croatia. For the Rainforest Alliance, this is a game of two halves: one celebrating some of the best soccer talent in the world, the other embracing sustainability and biodiversity.

Brazil is the only team that has qualified for every World Cup competition ever held and is the favorite to win the tournament this year. Soccer is Brazil’s most popular sport, and it’s no surprise that Brazil has won the World Cup a record five times.

According to our little green frog, Brazil is also a winner when it comes to sustainability and biodiversity. Here’s a roundup of some of Brazil’s green triumphs:

Premier League

Agricultural conversion for cattle production is the leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon. Fazendas São Marcelo in Mato Grasso, Brazil, was the first cattle ranch in the world to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification in 2012. Certified cattle ranches like Fazendas São Marcelo must meet rigorous standards designed to promote the humane treatment of livestock, conserve natural resources and protect the rights and well-being of workers and local communities. With Rainforest Alliance certification, cattle farmers, wildlife and the environment can prosper together.

Corner Kick

Covering more than 330 million hectares in northwestern Brazil, the majestic Amazon rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot. Located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon is the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, where Pousada Garrido, a Rainforest Alliance Verified™ sustainable lodge, welcomes adventurous travelers from around the globe.

As one of the world’s largest industries, tourism can have a devastating impact on fragile ecosystems, contributing to the destruction of some of the planet’s most breathtaking destinations. The Rainforest Alliance trains hotels and tour operators in implementing earth-friendly practices that conserve these precious ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

By applying comprehensive environmental measures to preserve the surrounding forest, Pousada Garrido has attracted some of the region’s most beautiful bird species and with them, avid birders from around the world.

Striking power

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter, constituting 30 percent of total global production. Daterra was the first coffee farm in Brazil to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification in 2003, meeting strict sustainability standards to conserve natural resources, promote collaborative community relations, and support fair and decent conditions for workers.

Located in a high altitude of grass, shrubs and low trees, Daterra is based in Brazil’s second largest ecosystem after the Amazon: the cerrado. Like the Amazon, the cerrado boasts an astonishing array of species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. Only 1.5 percent of the cerrado is protected by the government, so conservation of this vital habitat depends on private efforts like Daterra’s.

Deep Defense

The Rainforest Alliance has a powerful ally in Brazil: Imaflora, one of our partners in the Sustainable Agriculture Network. The Rainforest Allliance and Imaflora work with a host of individuals, companies, and NGOs throughout Brazil on innovative projects like the Suruí Forest Carbon Project. Together, we are building a sustainable future for some of the world’s most precious ecosystems and the communities that rely on them.

Star Power

The Rainforest Alliance recently teamed up with a group of world-renowned Brazilian artists –including Caetano Veloso, Lenine, Criolo, Emicida, and Pretinho da Serrinha — who came together in Rio de Janeiro’s Floresta da Tijuca to create a unique experience in music, environmental awareness and cinema.

The stunning music video, called I’m Alive: The Floresta da Tijuca Sessions, was conceived and led by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Andres Levin of Content-OS, who directed and produced the film alongside Paula Lavigne and Fernando Young. Watch here and be inspired by the beautiful spirit of Brazil.










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